Posted March 1, 2018

New revamped version of

So here it is! Version two of Rain Dog: Robert Carlyle and we have worked hard to get this new version up! The last season of Once Upon a Time begins airing tomorrow, March 2nd and we are very excited about what the future holds for Bobby!

We have not just added a new layout but we have updated, added and fixed a lot of new content! We have a full filmography and information on all of Robert’s projects and you can either read about them listed here or through a timeline, sorted by year. Almost all other content has been updated and revamped as well.

We have added loads of new videos and many more are to come, we have added more photos to the gallery and we are working on adding DVD/Bluray sceencaptures from all projects and much more. We also added a “Support Us” page were we list projects we might be missing, magazines we can’t find and such, so please head over there to see if you might have some of the things we are lacking!

I want to say thanks to Kitam for helping me with some of the movie pages, Frederik for always being an inspiration and Kaci for being so incredible helpful and creating so many lovely graphics for the site!

Enjoy all the new content and keep coming back for more Robert! 😀

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