Supported Causes
Finding Your Feet (2018)
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Robert supports this charity and was photographed holding one of their signs but the year of this photo taken is currently unknown.

Their Mission

Finding Your Feet support families affected by amputation or limb difference, through a range of sporting initiatives and social inclusion projects.

Isolation is a huge problem for many amputees. It has been proven that quality of life and even life expectancy is greatly reduced without social inclusion, with as many as 30% of vascular amputees not surviving to one year post amputation. FYF are key in addressing this issue. We are directly saving lives!

Whitecaps Legend & Stars Charity Match (2017)
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Robert and several other celebrities participated in Vancouver Whitecaps FC’s third annual charity alumni soccer match, in support of BC Children’s Hospital, on Saturday, September 16 at BC Place in Canada.

Some of the celebrities included Ray Winstone, Colin O’Donoghue, KJ Apa, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Michael Coleman, Casey Cott, Henry Cusick, Chris Gauthier, Georgina Haig, Sean Maguire and Andrew West.

American Red Cross – GMA Day of Giving (2017)
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Robert Carlyle posted a video in August 2017 to help raise money for American Red Cross and the campaign “GMA: Day of Giving” for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

SEAMAB (2016-)
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Robert sent in his own ‘Pocket Money Story’ to Seamab and helps to bring attention to this organisation who cares for and educate vulnerable children in Scotland aged between five and thirteen who have a bit more complex needs.

Their Mission

At Seamab, we care for and educate vulnerable children aged between five and thirteen who have complex needs. We provide a unique service in Scotland and are nationally recognised for our specialist work with children.

Our approach is based on an understanding of child development, attachment, and the impact of trauma and loss on children. We are committed to child-centred practice and allowing children to make decisions that influence the world around them.

We believe that children can heal, grow and learn, even when they have experienced severe trauma and loss. Our role is to provide the support and opportunities that make this possible.

Robert Carlyle
My pocket money story

My early childhood years were very poor. Money was tight and “pocket money” non-existent. I had heard of it, but there was no one I knew who actually got it. Things changed a little for my father and i when i was around 9 or 10 and i can remember the very first time my dad gave me something to spend on a Saturday. It was either two shillings or half a crown, around 10-15p nowadays.

I thought I was rich and spent it on a comic, a packet of Polo Mints and a packet of crisps. I got the same amount every week intermittently over the next few years and I always bought the same thing. I would read the comic over and over, eat all of the crisps very slowly and half of the mints, saving the other half for the rest of the week when I would have one a day till the next Saturday came around!

Remembering Benny Lynch​ Campaign (2015-)
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As you might know has Robert wanted to do a movie about boxer Benny Lynch life for a long time. And besides that, he is also helping to raise money for a memorial statue for Benny Lynch in Glasgow.

In April 2016 Robert helped raising £10,000 for the campaign, he appeared at a special fundraiser in Glasgow’s Clutha Vaults bar where he donated a his own signed script of his current TV series, Once Upon A Time. The script was signed by other cast members as well.

The script was put up on an auction site and Remembering Benny Lynch Campaign organiser Marie McLellan said interest has been overwhelming,

“We have already been offered £10,000. It’s incredible, and it’s all thanks to Robert.”

Sharon Howard, Benny’s Granddaughter, who lives in Ontario said,

“To have Robert Carlyle behind our campaign means so much to our family. We are truly grateful for his support and all the hard work of those in Glasgow fighting to have my grandfather remembered.”

In Roberts own words

“I’ve always loved the idea of a statue for Benny. Cannot think of anyone, past or present from the city of Glasgow, who deserves it more.

I’ve been an admirer of Benny Lynch for more years than I care to remember. Even though he never saw him fight, he was also a great hero for my father. My grandfather on the other hand did see him fight on several occasions. His stories have been handed down from him to my father, from my father to me, and from me to my own kids who are as familiar with the name Benny Lynch as they are with any present day sportsmen.

That should be the case for all the citizens of Glasgow. We should all be proud of what this man achieved and a statue in his honour is the very least his memory deserves.”

“This is long overdue. The man should be remembered and honoured with a statue in Central Station.”

School For Life Romania (2015-)
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Robert is a patron of School For Life Romania. This organization provides ‘Scoala Pentru Viata’ in Romania with financial support, skill sharing opportunities and advice.

Their Mission

School For Life / Scoala Pentru Viata are attempting to create a high standard working model of a centre for the promotion of education and life skills for people suffering from physical, mental and behavioural disorders, in a limited area of Romania (Siret District).

This will be achieved through developing working relationships with local authorities and providing opportunities for participation in the project by the local community.

All donations and charity funds go directly to the project. There are no salaries or expenses in the U.K. (with the exception of bank charges), all administrative costs are privately funded. Where possible all material and human resources are met from within Romania.

In Roberts own words

“School for Life Romania has changed these people’s lives by providing education and activities for young adults who would not otherwise have received it. They have employed Romanian special needs teachers who work alongside these young adults and support their journey towards independence.”

Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund’s (Sciaf) Wee Box (2013)
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This charity campaign was joined by singer Susan Boyle and Paralympic gold medallist David Smith and aimed at tackling global poverty.

It asks people to give up one of their favourite treats for 40 days, for Lent, such as chocolate, coffee or wine, and save the cash they would have used in a Sciaf Wee Box, to be donated at Easter. The money will go towards the charity’s work in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In 2012, more than £830,000 was raised to help people affected by hunger, poverty, war, disease and natural disasters in some of the poorest countries in the world.

Sciaf director Patricia Chale said: “We are extremely fortunate to have high-profile Scots including Susan Boyle, Robert Carlyle and David Smith, and thousands of Scots across the country taking part in the campaign. Their sacrifices during Lent will help Sciaf to support some of the world’s poorest people to overcome hunger, poverty, war and disease.”

In Roberts own words

“Sciaf is a great Scottish charity that’s providing practical help to people in some of the poorest countries in the world – people affected by war, disease, poverty and natural disasters. I’m going to play my part in Sciaf’s Wee Box, Big Change campaign by giving up chocolate for Lent, so they can help more people in need. What will you do?”

Cash for Kids (2011)
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To commemorate their landmark 30th year anniversary, Cruise collaborated with celebrity friends Ant and Dec, Paulo Nutini, Sharleen Spiteri, Robert Carlyle, Lorraine Kelly, Michelle Mone and Tali Lennox to design a collection of exclusive t-shirts to help raise valuable funds for children’s charity Cash for Kids.

The limited edition t-shirts feature original designs inspired by a happy memory from the celebrities’ own childhood to help highlight the plight of disadvantaged children, ultimately sending a message of empowerment and hope. The t-shirts evoke blissful memories from the celebrities and you can view Robert’s design in the gallery.

Only 30 of each design was produced and was sold in-store for a minimum donation of £30 in September 29, 2011. All proceeds from the t-shirts went to Cash for Kids Charity.

Their Mission

Cash for Kids responds to the needs of children in our communities so they can live life to the full and realise their individual potential.

Based across 22 areas in the UK, at the heart of your favourite radio stations, we support children aged 0-18 who are disabled, disadvantaged or suffering from abuse or neglect.

With Kids (2011-)
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Robert became an ambassador on April 28, 2011 for this organisation and has been since 2011 and it aims to help vulnerable children and families in Scotland.

Their Mission

With Kids offers a range of therapeutic services to children & parents/carers. This includes therapy aimed at helping children work through difficult emotions plus a variety of family, group and parent/carer activities and sessions.

Our approach is flexible and aims to listen to the needs of the individual and respond accordingly. At the core of our ethos is the belief that all individuals, given the right support, know the best solutions to their difficulties. We work to reinforce, not undermine this authority.

Give It Up For Christmas
In 2014 Robert also helped out with bringing attention to families in need for Christmas. The campaign was called “Give It Up For Christmas” and it urged Scottish people to give up a treat and donate the value to disadvantaged children in Glasgow and Edinburgh.)

In Roberts own words

“It’s hard to believe there are so many kids so close to home going without. I’ll certainly be giving up a little something. If a lot of people also do a little, then we can really help support ­families at a difficult time.”

All Hands on Debt (2002)

In 2002 The Herald Scotland wrote an article about this charity auction and several celebrities created their own art, besides Robert, Noddy Holder, Mark Hateley, Justin Currie of Del Amitri, Darius Danesh and the American rock band Weezer contributed.

The auction was in Glasgow on April 30, 2002 and the money would go to help reduce third world debt. The event, All Hands on Debt, organised by Jubilee Scotland, harnessed the artistic talents of a diverse range of famous people to raise funds to help cancel the debt of poorer countries.

Bishop Mandlate, a founder of the Mozambique Debt Campaign, said the auction was an excellent idea to promote the cancellation of unjust and unpayable debt. “Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world and our debt is crippling the country and growing day by day,” he said.

Robert submitted a Clint Eastwood-inspired piece entitled “A Fistful of Debt”, which sold for 100£. A total of 905£ was raised.

Their Mission

Jubilee Scotland, an alliance of overseas agencies, churches, unions and voluntary organisations, campaigns for the cancellation of such debt. But it argues that debt owed to the richest countries is only part of the problem. It says for 17 countries in Africa the cost of prevention and care for HIV-Aids is (pounds) 1.4bn a year – the amount these nations spend servicing their debts.

Stop Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) (1999)
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Robert Carlyle appears in a TV commercial around the time he was promoting The World Is Not Enough (1999).

Their Mission

Abuse robs children of their childhood. Without help, the scars of abuse can last a lifetime. And as devastating as it can be for the child, society pays a heavy price too.

Abuse changes childhood, but so can we
Child abuse is preventable – not inevitable. And it’s up to each of us to do everything possible to keep childhood safe from abuse, so children can grow up healthy and thrive. That’s why we’re here and drives what we do. So as long as there’s abuse – we will fight for every childhood. Join us.

Save the Queen Mum’s
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We haven’t been able to find any information about this cause but we have two photos in the gallery.