The Daily Record (UK)
Posing pouch made star go ouch.
August 19, 1997

Film star Bobby Carlyle was left with major G-string sting while making his new movie.

Bobby, who plays a male stripper, led a revolt against ultra-tight posing pouches.
He told director Peter Cattaneneo: “It’s like wearing dental floss on your backside.” The Full Monty is about redundant steel workers turning to stripping to make some cash. Bobby, and co-stars Mark Addy and Tom Wilkinson did not realise how tight the costumes for the bump’n’grind scenes would be. And they got even tighter in costume rehearsals under blazing hot studio lights.

Hamish Macbeth star Bobby begged to film as fast as possible. He said: ” It’s absolute agony. These thongs are driving me crackers.”
A behind the scenes insider said: “It was eye- watering stuff.”

But it should soon prove worth the agony as The Full Monty is getting great reviews.
US critics rated it the best British comedy for years and raved about Bobby’s performance.

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