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It's A Man's World: Robert Carlyle
December 13, 2008   |   Written by Robert Carlyle   |   Original Source

Find out why Robert Carlyle never wears a kilt, even though he’s Scottish…

All a man really needs is a quality pair of shoes and a good jacket.
I wear a black leather jacket that I’ve had for ten years. I love it. I also own two pairs of Prada boots, in brown and black.

Never trust a man who wears shoes without socks.
I’ve never thought that was a good look. It takes me right back to Don Johnson in Miami Vice. Man, that was a bad look – exposed ankles, rolled-up jacket sleeves and a mullet.

I’m totally addicted to Paul Smith scarves right now.
I bought one in blue the other day… then the same one in pink and in yellow. I need to stop that now…

I’ve got the world’s smallest head.
It’s size six and seven-eighths to be exact and it means you need to be very careful with hats. There have actually been films I’ve been in where I’ve point blank refused to wear a hat.

I think any man who doesn’t moisturise is a fool.
My wife was a make-up artist and she’s a total product junkie. Our bathroom is packed full of lotions and potions so I end up trying them out.

Lurking at the back of my wardrobe are some terrible fashion mistakes.
There’s a pale blue Prada suit in there that I only wore once. As soon as I went outside in it I realised my mistake and it’s been consigned to the back of my wardrobe ever since.

I think you should only wear jewellery if it has a story behind it.
Every item I have on, I wear for a reason. There are three items that I never take off – my wedding ring, a leather bracelet from my wife and a bracelet Paul Weller gave to me.

There’s a movie quote that sums up my thoughts on style.
In Round Midnight a musician tells a young man: ‘You don’t just go out and pick style off a tree one day. The tree is already inside you. It is growing, naturally, inside you.’ I agree entirely.

Guys in the Fifties had much more style and class.
I love that whole Brat Pack look. My film Stone Of Destiny is set in that era; guys back then definitely had class.
I do like body art and I’ve got two tattoos. I got one of a samurai sword years ago when I was with a bunch of actors in Hawaii. The other one – a lizard – I had done in San Francisco about 20 years ago.

I am the perfect size for yoga, apparently.
I love it – I took it up about three years ago and I’d recommend it to anyone. It works for your body and your mind. I discovered I had an aptitude for it because of my size.

Gyms are pointless – I hate them.
Guys, particularly in the West, go to the gym and train for hours and hours to pick up something that is heavier than them. Why would you want to do that?

I like to steal ideas from every country I visit.
I go native wherever I go. I dive right in there – gimme beads, the lot. I went to India a few years ago for a long trip and even ended up wearing a mundu, a kind of sarong.

I only get compliments on my clothes from my six-year-old, Ava.
If we’re all dressed up to go out she’ll sometimes say, ‘Daddy, you look lovely,’ and that always makes me feel good. But then she’s only six so what does she know?

Even though I’m Scottish, I never wear a kilt.
Simply put, I just don’t have the legs. I never go anywhere without my iPod. I love stuff like early Rolling Stones, The Who, Small Faces and, bizarrely, really early Rod Stewart. Rod’s career up until the early Seventies was an entirely different thing – he did some amazing stuff.

Carlyle’s new film ‘Stone Of Destiny’ is in cinemas December 19

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