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November 1997
(Interview with ex-girlfriend) - I was Bobby's girl and believed he would triumph in the end.
November 1997
Made in Britain
November 1997
The invisible man
October 1997
September 5, 1997
Scotland Card
September 1997
Over the Moon
The bare-faced check of it
August 23, 1997
Women were lusting for my body; Hamish TV hunk Robert exposes his raw talent
August 19, 1997
Posing pouch made star go ouch.
August 18, 1997
A Man Who's True To His Convictions
August 1997
Gang stars paradise
March 22-28, 1997
March 15 - 21, 1997
Now on to his next beat
February 1997
Tender is the nutter
February 1997
Actor Robert Carlyle: Trainspotting's psycho chills out
February 1997
Trainspotting's psycho goes to Nicaragua with Ken Loach for Carla's Song
January 131, 1997
Hard man, soft man - But what's Robert Carlyle really like?