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The legend of Robert Carlyle
To be and to pretend
Life Through A Lens
April 3, 1999
The Saturday Profile: Robert Carlyle, Actor: A man for all regions
April 1999
Hamish McSafe Cracker goes Montyspotting
Robert Carlyle, Renard
December 1998
My bit of, Britain
May 1998
Robert Carlyle
March 1998
The Esquire Interview: Robert Carlyle
November 1997
The invisible man
February 1997
Tender is the nutter
February 1997
Actor Robert Carlyle: Trainspotting's psycho chills out
January 131, 1997
Hard man, soft man - But what's Robert Carlyle really like?
July 1995
The role of Hamish Macbeth has not cursed Robert Carlyle