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Trainspotting star Robert Carlyle on Glasgow and the legendary Benny Lynch
When the music's over
November 28, 2008
Begbie's gone soft! Why hard man actor Robert Carlyle loves yoga, chocolate and becoming a grumpy old man
March 20-26, 2004
"It would shock you how much money I turn down on a monthly basis"
April 2001
Love in a cold climate
October 1999
Men of the year: Robert Carlyle
May/June 1999
Robert Carlyle is ready for his close-up
April 3, 1999
The Saturday Profile: Robert Carlyle, Actor: A man for all regions
April 1999
Hamish McSafe Cracker goes Montyspotting
April 1999
Hit Man
March 28, 1999
Method man
December 1998
My bit of, Britain
November 1997
The invisible man
February 1997
Actor Robert Carlyle: Trainspotting's psycho chills out