Robert has two tattoos as far as we know and this is what we have been able to find out about them.

“I do like body art and I’ve got two tattoos. I got one of a samurai sword years ago when I was with a bunch of actors in Hawaii. The other one – a lizard – I had done in San Francisco about 20 years ago.”

Right Arm
Position: Upper right arm.
In the podcast, Johnnie Walker – “Walk With Giants” in 2010 Robert talks about a chameleon that friends to his father had. Perhaps this was an inspiration for the tattoo?

“…and Roger and Rosemary had a chameleon. Imagine that as a wee boy this was incredible. They morph, they change their colour and stuff like that, and I used to sit, staring at this chameleon for hours and hours and hours trying to see it change into the colour of the wallpaper, and of course it escaped.

And I’ve always kind of thought “I wonder what happened to that wee chameleon”, maybe it met another kind of lizard and they started a wee family and there’s loads of kind of strange chameleon type creatures wandering about Glasgow suddenly.”

Samurai Sword
Done around late 80’s or early 90s in San Francisco, USA.
Position: Right ankle

The photo is from the movie Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing and Charm School (2005) and it’s rarely seen. Robert mention the tattoo in an interview in 2008 and says he got it around 20 years earlier.