Posted November 5, 2017

Robert won’t attend the BAFTA’s

None of the T2 cast is apparently attending the BAFTA’s tomorrow, according to The Daily Record. We had been looking forward to new photos of Bobby but we can stil look forward to finding out who wins!

Read more below and we’ve cut out some of the gossip surrounding Ewan at the moment, because it’s obviously his own business.

Trainspotting stars Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle and Ewen Bremner have all snubbed tomorrow night’s BAFTA ­Scotland awards.

The T2 actors are the only ­nominees in the Film Actor category at the prestigious ­ceremony at ­Glasgow’s Radisson Blu Hotel.

But none will attend, and there is no sign of director Danny Boyle on the list either, even though he is nominated for the Director Fiction award and T2 is in the Feature Film category.

Guests had questioned whether Perth actor Ewan, 46, would attend following news of his recent marriage troubles.

Last night, the T2 no-show was put down to filming commitments elsewhere.

Jude MacLaverty, director of BAFTA Scotland, admitted she was disappointed at their absence and said: “The nominees for ­Trainspotting T2 are sadly unable to attend the ceremony this weekend.

“It’s unfortunate, but all are across the pond and tied up with prior commitments.

“We have such a wealth of talent coming out of ­Scotland, and it’s fantastic that so many are working ­internationally – but it means it’s not always easy to get home.

“They have sent messages and are naturally ­disappointed to be missing what’s shaping up to be a wonderful evening.

“We’re delighted to have the writer, producer and second unit director representing the ­production.

“We’ve a star-studded red carpet line-up for Sunday and we can’t wait to kick things off.”

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