Once Upon a Time – Season 2
Character: Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold
Original Release: September 30, 2012 (US)
Running Time: 44 minutes

The second season premiered on September 30, 2012 and the last episode of the season aired on May 12, 2013.

Despite Emma having broken the curse, the characters are not returned to the fairy tale world, and must deal with their own dual identities.

With the introduction of magic into Storybrooke by Mr. Gold, the fates of the two worlds become intertwined, and new threats emerge in the form of Captain Hook, Regina's mother Cora, also known as the Queen of Hearts, and sinister operatives from our world with an agenda to destroy magic.

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2x01 - "Broken" (original airdate: September 30, 2012)
Emma tries to help her family maneuver past the consequences of magic in Our World, and Gold's plan to exact vengeance against Regina threatens to jeopardize his standing with Belle. Meanwhile, a series of events are revealed in which a young princess becomes caught in the middle of a dangerous quest that pits her true love and his enigmatic traveling companion against a sinister creature out for blood.
2x02 - "We Are Both" (original airdate: October 7, 2012)
Regina searches for a way to regain her powers, and David struggles to maintain order after learning what happens when someone crosses the town line. Meanwhile, flashbacks show Regina meeting Rumplestiltskin for the first time.
2x03 - "Lady of the Lake" (original airdate: October 14, 2012) NO ROBERT
Emma and Mary Margaret, with the help of Mulan, Princess Aurora, and Sir Lancelot, look for the magical wardrobe that sent Emma to Storybrooke, hoping that it has enough magic to do the same for them. In the Enchanted Forest's past, King George curses Snow White on the eve of meeting Prince Charming's mother.
2x04 - "The Crocodile" (original airdate: October 21, 2012)
Mr. Gold must change his ways of using magic to destroy people, or face the threat of Belle leaving him. After Belle talks to Ruby, she finds that she could be of some help to the library and sets off to see if she can work there, only to be kidnapped by her father. Mr. Gold, Ruby, and David go on a search for Belle, finding out that her father sent her into the mines so that she would cross the border of Storybrooke underground and because of that forget everything about her life in the Enchanted Forest. In flashbacks, Rumplestiltskin loses his wife to Killian Jones (Captain Hook) and his pirates.
2x05 - "The Doctor" (original airdate: October 28, 2012)
Regina goes to Dr. Hopper to see if he can help her to not use magic anymore, so that she can get Henry back. Later on in the night she sees her old fiance, Daniel, while driving home. She goes to see Dr. Whale only to find him having been attacked, who then says that he brought Daniel back from the dead, but he is a monster. David decides that Henry should learn how to ride a horse, but soon fears for Henry's life when he and Regina find out that Daniel has gone to the stables.

After Regina talks to David, Daniel tells her that she needs to let him go, and Regina removes the preservation spell, destroying his body. After returning to the refugee camp, Emma, Snow, Aurora, and Mulan find only one man is left alive, and he turns out to be Captain Hook. After he tells them Cora's plan, they set out to find another way home. In the past, Jefferson brokers a deal between Rumplestiltskin and Victor Frankenstein.

2x06 - "Tallahassee" (original airdate: November 4, 2012) NO ROBERT
Emma follows Hook up a treacherous beanstalk in the hopes of finding a source of power that could bring both her and Mary Margaret back to Storybrooke. Meanwhile, the events surrounding Emma's teenage years are revealed, along with an unexpected encounter involving a thief who wants to make an honest woman out of her.
2x07 - "Child of the Moon" (original airdate: November 11, 2012)
Ruby is accused of murdering someone. In flashbacks, Red Riding Hood finds a pack of wolves led by she-wolf Anita, who insists she is Red's mother, and that she can help her remember what she does when she turns into a wolf.
2x08 - "Into the Deep" (original airdate: November 25, 2012)
After Cora finds Captain Hook, she decides she won't be taking him to Storybrooke when she gets the compass back from Snow White. Mulan begins to worry about Aurora when she finds that Aurora has burns on her hand from the fiery room. Mr. Gold, David, and Regina work to make sure that Henry makes it safe back and forth between the worlds. David decides that he is going to go under the sleeping spell to go to the fiery room because of the danger.

Cora kidnaps Aurora in an effort to get the compass. Mulan and Emma then send Snow into the fiery room, finding out the way to defeat Cora is hidden in the room they locked Rumplestiltskin in years ago. Captain Hook sets Aurora free to show Emma that she should have trusted him, only for him to take Aurora's heart to convince Cora to take him to Storybrooke with her. Cora uses Aurora's heart to trick Emma, Snow White, and Mulan into believing that Aurora's fine and to find out where they are going. David gets stuck in the Netherworld when Snow isn't able to kiss him to break the curse.

2x09 - "Queen of Hearts" (original airdate: December 2, 2012)
Regina and Mr. Gold agree that they should destroy anyone who comes through the portal, even if it's Emma and Snow White. Ruby and Leroy get angry when they find that Regina and Mr. Gold took the diamonds from the mines, so Henry and Ruby set off to stop them from destroying Emma and Mary Margaret. Cora and Hook face off with Mary Margaret and Emma for the compass, while the events of how Cora and Hook met are revealed.
2x10 - "The Cricket Game" (original airdate: January 6, 2013)
Cora frames Regina for a murder, while in the past, Snow and Charming decide to kill the queen.
2x11 - "The Outsider" (original airdate: January 13, 2013)
Belle meets Hook, while the events of Belle's capture by the queen are revealed.
2x12 - "In the Name of the Brother" (original airdate: January 20, 2013)
Dr. Whale goes missing when he has to save the stranger's life; Cora reunites with Regina; and in the past, Victor Frankenstein resurrects his brother.
2x13 - "Tiny" (original airdate: February 10, 2013)
The giant shows up in Storybrooke; Mr. Gold, Emma, and Henry go to the airport; and in the past, the giant meets Charming's brother and Jack.
2x14 - "Manhattan" (original airdate: February 17, 2013)
Emma learns that Neal is Rumplestiltskin's son; Cora, Regina, and Hook look for the dagger; and in the past Rumplestiltskin realizes his destiny.
2x15 - "The Queen is Dead" (original airdate: March 3, 2013)
Mary Margaret learns that Cora and Regina are looking for the dagger; Hook stabs Mr. Gold with his hook; and in the past Snow White's mother dies.
2x16 - "The Miller's Daughter" (original airdate: March 10, 2013)
Emma, David, Neal, and Mary Margaret have to protect Mr. Gold from Cora; and in the past Cora meets Rumplestiltskin.
2x17 - "Welcome to Storybrooke" (original airdate: March 17, 2013)
Regina decides to get revenge on Mary Margaret; and in the past Regina meets a little boy and his father.
2x18 - "Selfless, Brave and True" (original airdate: March 24, 2013) NO ROBERT
Mary Margaret stumbles upon August who is now a living puppet; Neal invites his fiance to Storybrooke; and in the past August meets Tamara.
2x19 - "Lacey" (original airdate: April 21, 2013)
Mr. Gold enlists the help of David to help him try to jog Belle's now cursed memories and get her to love him again. Meanwhile, in the Fairytale land that was, Rumplestiltskin forces Belle to accompany him on a hunt to kill a thief.
2x20 - "The Evil Queen" (original airdate: April 28, 2013)
With the help of Hook, Regina attempts to put a plan in motion that will help transport herself and Henry back to the Enchanted Forest, while Emma's suspicions about Tamara grows. Meanwhile, in the Enchanted Forest that was, the Evil Queen asks Rumplestiltskin to transform her into an unrecognizable peasant in order to kill an unsuspecting Snow White.
2x21 - "Second Star to the Right" (original airdate: May 5, 2013)
Emma, Mary Margaret, and David go in search of Regina when they discover that she, along with some magic beans, has gone missing. But against Neal's protests, Emma still believes that Tamara had something to do with Regina's disappearance. Meanwhile, in the past, young Baelfire finds himself back in 19th century London and is taken in by the Darling family, befriending their daughter Wendy.
2x22 - "And Straight On 'til Morning" (original airdate: May 12, 2013)
Greg and Tamara plan to destroy Storybrooke, so Emma, Regina, Mary Margaret, David, Henry, and Hook have to stop them. Meanwhile, in the past, Hook meets Baelfire.

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