Hamish Macbeth – Season 3
Character: Hamish Macbeth
Original Release: March 16, 1997 (UK)
Running Time: 60 minutes

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3x01 - "The Honourable Policeman" (original airdate: March 16, 1997)
Local laird Roddy MacLean returns to the village with his glamorous intended Serena St Claire,and asks Hamish to be the best man at their wedding. Hamish has his doubts as to whether the bride is genuine or merely a gold digger but has further woman trouble trying to cope with new constable Anne Patterson,whose interest in him seems to go beyond the professional.
3x02 - "Deferred Sentence" (original airdate: March 23, 1997)
When Hamish takes a trip to the island of Lagga Laggas to stay with Father McPhail he has to pretend to be Jewish so as not to get caught up in the religious animosity between the father and his opposite number Enoch Mcduff, neither of whom seen to be popular amongst the islanders.

And when Enoch's daughter Laura claims that her mother was murdered twenty years earlier Hamish's trip turns into a busman's holiday.

3x03 - "The Lochdubh Assassin" (original airdate: March 30, 1997)
Isobel returns to the village from Glasgow with her friend Jean and jean's teen-aged tearaway nephew Frankie. They are soon followed by a quartet of heavies led by Tam Flood, whom Frankie has antagonized and take shelter in the funeral parlour with Lachie.

Tam's gang may be a menacing presence but Hamish cannot arrest them until they have committed a crime. Cue TV John to start the ball rolling to get one over on the visitors by reviving the legend of Wee McPhee.

3x04 - "The Good Thief" (original airdate: April 6, 1997)
The time has come for the annual singing contest between Lochdubh's Stag Bar and the rival Dunbracken Arms. Young Frankie is revealed to have the voice of an angel and so the villagers look to him to win them the Willie McPhee trophy as best singer.

However trouble appears in the shape of Tusker Gray, a friend of - and bad influence on - Frankie from Glasgow, who threatens to undermine the whole show. Hamish has to find Tusker's little secret to persuade him to let the show go on.

3x05 - "The Trouble with Rory" (original airdate: April 13, 1997)
When part of the local school burns down Esme is horrified to learn that not only do the council not intend rebuilding it but that her boyfriend Rory knew this all along and so she begins a high profile media protest, helped by Isobel.

As far as Hamish is concerned the fall-out is the least of his concerns as it looks as if there is an arsonist in the village, whom he must find before any more damage is done.

3x06 - "More Than a Game" (original airdate: April 20, 1997)
The annual shinty match against neighboring Dunbracken looms. If Dunbracken win, they will have won 20 games on the trot and will thus keep the trophy permanently. Loch Dubh are confident this time they'll win.

But... Lachie Jnr as goalkeeper is mainstay of the team but he falls out with Lachie Snr, coach, and quits. Lachie Snr is distracted by the arrival of a new lady in his life. And the Dunbracken are scheming...

3x07 - "Destiny: Part 1" (original airdate: April 27, 1997)
TV John receives an unwelcome visitor, his criminal brother, the one-eyed, one-armed and one-legged Kenneth McIver, sprung from a South American jail by eccentric millionaire Torquil McFarquar.

Torquil has heard that the original Stone of Destiny is in the Lochdubh area and, being an avid collector of all things Scottish, wants it for himself. As Kenneth and his accomplice, hypnotist Ava Grimm, arrive in the village,John has his own grim foreboding of impending doom.

3x08 - "Destiny: Part 2" (original airdate: May 4, 1997)
Ava and Kenneth steal the Stone of Destiny, and disappear, along with T V John. Hamish organizes the villagers into a search party and they set off across the moorlands in pursuit, ultimately helped by the ghosts of Scotland's past.

However, whilst Hamish and Isobel end up - literally - falling for each other, sadly T V John's vision of a death comes true.

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