Hamish Macbeth – Season 2
Character: Hamish Macbeth
Original Release: March 24, 1996 UK)
Running Time: 60 minutes

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2x01 - "A Perfectly Simple Explanation" (original airdate: March 24, 1996)
Religious fanatic and head of the Church of the Stony Path Malachi MacBean not only denounces Hamish as ungodly but claims that the policeman attacked him in the guise of the devil.

Hamish's efforts to find a simple explanation for MacBean's increasingly frenetic behaviour lead him to make a connection between the late night trips out of the house of Malachi's long-suffering wife Bethsheba and the arrival in Lochdubh of Zoot Macpherson, a man well-known for his celebration of free love.

2x02 - "In Search of a Rose" (original airdate: March 31, 1996)
Barney Meldon seeks to provide a new, money-making visitor attraction for the village - a whale-watching trip, using fiberglass whales, but the whole enterprise ends in disaster and a distraught Barney suspects his wife Agnes of having a fling with handsome newcomer Gavin Robb.

When a man disappears and Lachie Jr. starts dredging up cattle cake from the sea, Hamish puts on his diving apparatus to investigate in the deep.

2x03 - "Isobel Pulls It Off" (original airdate: April 7, 1996)
Feeling dejected at apparent rejection by Hamish Isobel decides to change her image and go for a big scoop for the paper along with the dashing Gary Ross. However, whilst the rest of the village celebrates its win on the National Lottery, Hamish fears that Gary might be leading Isobel astray, thus proving his affection for her.
2x04 - "Radio Lochdubh" (original airdate: April 14, 1996)
Lachie,Jr. sets up a local radio station, which is very popular and has contributions from the villagers, a particular hit being a book review show by Alex, in which she reads from 'Far From the Madding Crowd'.

When Magda and Syd, two radio detection officers, turn up and tell Hamish that the station is illegal and must close he reluctantly obeys. Alex feels especially betrayed by Hamish's action and steals the radio station's van to leave the village during a storm. Unfortunately Magda's sense of foreboding and T.V. John's psychic anticipation of tragedy come all too true.

2x05 - "No Man Is an Island" (original airdate: April 21, 1996)
Feeling gutted and guilty after the death of Alex, Hamish leaves the village and seeks solitude on a deserted island but ends up having to rescue Belle, an elderly woman making a sentimental pilgrimage to the island who has accidentally stepped on a land-mine which will explode unless Hamish can defuse the situation.

Back in Lochdubh he is sorely missed as his over-zealous replacement P.C. Duggan fails to understand the lassitude with which Hamish treated the village miscreants and manages to fall foul of everybody, ultimately being threatened with learning the fate of...

2x06 - "The Lochdubh Deluxe" (original airdate: April 28, 1996)
Lachie,Jr., is invited to become the new assistant to local undertaker Murray McMurray who is none too pleased with the grasping ways of his nephew and co-mortician Christie. A family feud consequently escalates, leading to a shocking end and money to burn, whilst Hamish fails to convince the villagers that aliens from outer space have stolen Rory's late Aunt Ella from the burial ground.

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