Hamish Macbeth – Season 1
Character: Hamish Macbeth
Original Release: March 26, 1995 (UK)
Running Time: 60 minutes

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1x01 - "The Great Lochdubh Salt Robbery" (original airdate: March 26, 1995)
Hamish investigates a salt theft from the grocery store, and a missing wife abuser.
1x02 - "A Pillar of the Community" (original airdate: April 2, 1995)
New resident Vicky Jeffreys takes over Lochdubh Day planning and bullies everyone into promoting Scottish culture.
1x03 - "The Big Freeze" (original airdate: April 9, 1995)
Maj. Maclean fakes a burglary for the insurance money, but DI Bruce is determined to catch the gang he thinks is responsible. Hamish and TV John both resist learning to use their new computer.
1x04 - "West Coast Story" (original airdate: April 16, 1995)
Hamish falls out with bank manager Cameron Dicks,who is not only seeking to bankrupt hard up farmer Duncan Soutar but bounces Hamish's cheques. In the red and unable to pay for his shopping he is bailed out by Rab,but must repay him by appearing in the locals' amateur production of 'West Side Story'.

Indeed Lochdubh's own Romeo and Juliet materialize as Dicks'daughter Phyllis playing Maria and Duncan's son Jimmy as Tony fall in love to Dicks's horror. as a result he bans rehearsals but,after being made to see the error of his ways,saves Duncan from committing suicide.

1x05 - "Wee Jock's Lament" (original airdate: April 23, 1995)
Distraught over his dog's death, Hamish charges after the two men responsible. Sure that he means murder, the men of Lochdubh try to reach him first.
1x06 - "A Bit of an Epic" (original airdate: April 30, 1995)
A famous guide leads a company retreat up the steep Scottish hillsides, and Hamish comes along, suspecting trouble. Alex returns to Lochdubh but finds tragedy may have ended her chances with Hamish.

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