“California Solo” Soundtrack – “California Solo”
Character: Lachlan MacAldonich
Original Release: November 1, 2012 (US)

Robert Carlyle sings the song "California Solo" on the soundtrack for the movie California Solo (2012). There is two versions of the song, one which Robert Carlyle sings and plays the guitar as his character Lachlan MacAldonich and one studio version in which Adam Franklin performs it.

Track Listing
  1. California Solo (Band Version) – Adam Franklin
  2. Cows – T Griffin
  3. Selling the Guitar – T Griffin
  4. To Market – T Griffin
  5. Atm – T Griffin
  6. To Wendel – T Griffin
  7. Beau’s Visit – T Griffin
  8. Johnny On the Spot – T Griffin
  9. Nothing Happens – T Griffin
  10. Mimosa – T Griffin
  11. I Want to Go Home – T Griffin
  12. In the Tank – T Griffin
  13. Old Ghosts – T Griffin
  14. Dui – T Griffin
  15. Passport (California Solo Reprise) – T Griffin
  16. California Solo (Robert Carlyle Version) – Robert Carlyle
“California Solo” Lyrics

You know that good times are so hard to follow
When all your yesterdays shine but the rains come tomorrow
I’m such a long, long way from what I used to call home
And now I know so much better than to leave you alone
I know you and me were just passing the time
And though I may be leaving I’m still glad that you were once mine

Your voice sounds so sad and my heart’s filled with sorrow
Your tears and my pride are both so hard to swallow
And I love the way that it starts come-what-may
But I hate the way it all ends in disarray
And when I fell down you took back your sweet hand
Ah, but that’s okay babe you’re still my beauty
My beautiful land

So as the teardrops fall do I have to beg, steal or borrow?
And when did yesterday’s sun turn into raindrops tomorrow?
I’m guessing that we were just passing the time
But I still carry you with me in the back of my mind
I’ve drank all your wine when I’ve been alone
California I’m so low but you’ve made me a home