Antonia Bird: From EastEnders to Hollywood
Original Release: May 12, 2016 (UK)
Directed by: Susan Kemp
Produced by: Mary Bell, Mark Cousins, Adam Dawtrey
Distributed by: BBC 4
Running Time: 90 minutes

Antonia Bird, who died in 2013 aged just 62, was one of the most important British directors of her generation, a powerful political voice who learned her trade in radical theatre and TV soaps, and went on to become the first British woman ever to direct a Hollywood movie. Yet in part because of her gender, her work remains under-recognized and under-valued.

This documentary by Scottish director Susan Kemp, executive produced by Mark Cousins, is the first major attempt to put that right. It explores her fight to get her voice heard, to break through the barriers against her gender and her politics, and to bring a radical edge to popular drama.

It reveals the secrets behind Antonia's greatest films and her ground-breaking work on TV series through intimate interviews with her closest collaborators and friends.


Antonia Bird (archive footage), Robert Carlyle, Ronan Bennett, Ruth Caleb, Adrian Corker, Mark Cousins, Anita Dobson, Finola Dwyer, George Faber, Kate Hardie, Pippa Harris, Florian Hoffmeister, Steven Mackintosh, Kay Mellor, St. John O'Rorke, Caroline Oulton, Jonathan Powell, Andy Roberts, Jane Sillars, David Thompson, Paul Turp, Paul Unwin, Irvine Welsh, Susan Wilkins

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