California Solo
Character: Lachlan MacAldonich
Original Release: January 25, 2012 (US)
Directed by: Marshall Lewy
Written by: Marshall Lewy
Produced by: Mynette Louie
Running Time: 94 minutes
Box Office: $15,368 (US)(18 January 2013)

Lachlan MacAldonich (Robert Carlyle), a former Britpop rocker who now works on a farm, gets caught driving drunk and faces deportation after living in Los Angeles for many years. His efforts to stay in the U.S. force him to confront the past and current demons in his life.

Cast & Characters

Danny Masterson (Paul), A Martinez (Warren), Kathleen Wilhoite (Catherine), Alexia Rasmussen (Beau), William Russ (Rusty), Niko Nicotera (Nick), Michael Des Barres (Wendell), Patrick Gallagher (Ice Officer), Ella Joyce (Carol), Anna Khaja (Anna), Robert Cicchini (Domenico), Brad Greenquist (Piper), Savannah Lathem (Arianwen)

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Filming Dates: June 1, 2011 - June 6, 2011
Filming Locations:
  • Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Moorpark, California, USA
  • Lancaster, California, USA
  • Leona Valley, California, USA
  • Lewy wrote the part of Lachlan MacAldonich with Robert Carlyle in mind.
  • Robert Carlyle drew inspiration for the character from his friends, the Gallagher brothers of Oasis.
  • Many of the shirts Robert wears in the film are his own from the days when “Trainspotting” first came out.
  • Robert Carlyle sings the song "California Solo" on the soundtrack, you can read more about the song here.

Awards & Nominations

Tallgrass Film Festival as Outstanding Actor Award - Robert Carlyle
Woodstock Film Festival as Best Editing
Woodstock Film Festival as Best Narrative Feature
Young Artist Awards as Best Performance in a Feature Film - Supporting Young Actress Savannah Lathem
Deauville Film Festival as Grand Special Prize
Oldenburg Film Festival as German Independence Award - Audience Award
Prism Awards as Best Feature Film

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