The Unloved (TV)
Character: Father
Original Release: May 17, 2009 (UK)
Directed by: Samantha Morton
Written by: Samantha Morton, Tony Grisoni
Produced by: Andrew Eaton, Michael Elliott, Liza Marshall, Kate Ogborn
Running Time: 140 minutes

Lucy is 11-years-old and lives with her father. One day, not for the first time, he beats her. The next time she returns to school, Lucy asks to see her social worker Jackie. Lucy is known to social services and has been in foster care before, but none of her foster parents have any placements available. Jackie takes her to a children's home, Crop Row, where she is left with nothing except the school uniform she is wearing.

Cast & Characters

Molly Windsor (Lucy), Susan Lynch (Mother), Lauren Socha (Lauren), Craig Parkinson (Boahen), Andrea Lowe (Vicky), Kerry Stacey (Social Worker), Michael Socha (Michael), Katie Withers (Jules)

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Filming Locations:
  • Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, UK
  • Samantha Morton wished The Unloved to be filmed for television rather than for Cinema. The reason being is that she thought, as in her own childhood experiences with going to the cinema, younger audiences' might not afford the price of a cinema ticket. Thus, younger audiences' would see this production "for free".

Memorable Quotes

Father: [about Lucy when she was a baby] You know you wouldn't let anybody hold you? 'Cause they dropped you.

Lucy: [Lucy's mother is hugging her daughter and crying hysterically at the bus stop. Lucy thinks that she has done something wrong by going to visit her mom away from her foster home] ... I'm sorry.
Mother: [sounding lividly angry] Don't you EVER be sorry for visiting your mum!

Awards & Nominations

BAFTA Scotland Award as Best Actor Television - Robert Carlyle
BAFTA Award as Best Single Drama
BAFTA Award as Best Supporting Actress - Lauren Socha

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