Character: Shaun
Original Release: October 24, 2008 (Rome Film Festival)
Directed by: Kenneth Glenaan
Written by: Hugh Ellis
Produced by: Camilla Bray
Running Time: 95 minutes

A story of a lively and wayward spirit coming to terms with the realities of age and death. Shaun (Carlyle) has to confront past demons as his first love re-appears and his best friend, Daz (Evets), is terminally ill. The film is set mainly in Shaun's present day life but he also reflects on his childhood in flashbacks.

Cast & Characters

Rachael Blake (Katy), Steve Evets (Daz), Michael Socha (Daniel)

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Filming Locations:
  • Derbyshire, England, UK
  • Yorkshire, England, UK
  • Robert Carlyle has stated many times that he believes some of his best acting was in this film.

Memorable Quotes

Teen Shaun: Afternoon.
Mrs Biggs: Sod off and make someone else's life a misery, Shaun.
Teen Shaun: Love you, too.

Doctor Price: Is there blood in the vomit?
Daz: No.
Shaun: Ay?
Daz: Well, just a bit. So am I dean then?

Awards & Nominations

BAFTA Scotland Award as Best Directing in Film or Television
BAFTA Scotland Award as Best Feature Film
BAFTA Scotland Award as Best Acting Performance in Film - Robert Carlyle

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