Stone of Destiny
Character: John MacCormick
Original Release: June 28, 2008 (Scotland)
Directed by: Charles Martin Smith
Written by: Charles Martin Smith
Produced by: Andrew Boswell, Rob Merilees
Running Time: 96 minutes
Box Office: £48,298 (UK)

As Scotland fails to establish its own parliament once again, young patriot Ian Hamilton (Charlie Cox) vows to salvage national pride by returning the Stone of Destiny, a symbol of Scottish sovereignty to its rightful place. Trouble is, the talismanic brick has been housed in Westminster Abbey under watchful English eyes since 1296.

Cast & Characters

Charlie Cox (Ian Hamilton), Kate Mara (Kay Matheson), Billy Boyd (Bill Craig), Stephen McCole (Gavin Vernon), Ciaron Kelly (Alan Stuart), Peter Mullan (Ian's Father), Brenda Fricker (Mrs. McQuarry), Juliet Cadzow (Ian's mother)

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Filming Dates: June 26, 2007
Filming Locations: (view all)
  • Glasgow University, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland, UK
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Bridgend, Wales, UK
  • Robert Carlyle, who played John McCormick in this film, also starred in Hamish Macbeth (1995-1997), a show whose final episode also dealt with a theft of the Stone of Destiny.
  • A lot of the external night scenes and interior scenes were shot at Paisley Abbey, not Westminster Abbey.

Memorable Quotes

Ian Hamilton: Can... can I talk sir?
John MacCormick: I think so.

John MacCormick: You came to me for fifty pounds?

Awards & Nominations

Victoria Independent Film & Video Festival Award as Best Film
Palm Beach International Film Festival Award as Best Feature Film
Leo Award as Best Picture Editing in a Feature Length Drama
Best Cinematography in a Feature Length Drama
Best Direction in a Feature Length Drama
Best Feature Length Drama
Best Screenwriting in a Feature Length Drama
Best Overall Sound in a Feature Length Drama
BAFTA Scotland Award as Best Feature Film

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