Dead Fish
Character: Danny Devine
Original Release: October 11, 2005 (Warsaw Film Festival)
Directed by: Charley Stadler
Written by: Adam Kreutner, David Mitchell
Produced by: David Bergstein, Matthias Deyle, Dan Maag
Running Time: 98 minutes

A hit man and an artist exchange cell phones accidentally, causing a case of mistaken identity.

Cast & Characters

Cassandra Bell (Sugar Waters), Gary Oldman (Lynch), John Pearson (Deck Day), Kevin McNally (Frank Rosenheim), Elena Anaya (Mimi), Andrew Lee Potts (Abe Klein), Billy Zane (Virgil), Karel Roden (Dragan), Terence Stamp (Mr. Fish)

Photo Gallery
Filming Dates: October 13, 2003
Filming Locations:
  • London, England, UK
  • Robert Carlyle once responded to a fan question on twitter on who would win in a fight between Danny and his character Mr. Gold on Once Upon a Time and he said, "Danny is an idiot so def Mr. Gold".

Memorable Quotes

Lynch: What is this? James fucking Bond?

Abe: I am Abe Klein. Today is my 21 birthday and it's the worst day of my entire life. Because: I am a total stupid idiot and I need help, big help. And I need it right now.

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