Once Upon a Time in the Midlands
Character: Jimmy
Original Release: September 6, 2002 (UK)
Directed by: Shane Meadows
Written by: Paul Fraser, Shane Meadows
Produced by: Andrea Calderwood
Running Time: 104 minutes
Box Office: £129,920 (UK)

Jimmy (Robert Carlyle) is a small-time crook living in Glasgow, Scotland, long since absent from the lives of his ex-wife, Shirley (Shirley Henderson), and 12-year-old daughter, Marlene (Finn Atkins), who live in England's Midlands. One day, Jimmy happens to catch Shirley and Marlene on a TV talk show, where Shirley has rejected the proposal of her boyfriend, Dek (Rhys Ifans). Taking this as a sign, Jimmy up and leaves for the Midlands to win Shirley back.

Cast & Characters

Vanessa Feltz (Herself), Ricky Tomlinson (Charlie), Kathy Burke (Carol), Shirley Henderson (Shirley), Finn Atkins (Marlene), Kelly Thresher (Donna), Rhys Ifans (Dek), Andrew Shim (Donut)

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Filming Locations:
  • Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, UK
  • Porchester Junior School, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, UK
  • This is the third time that Carlyle has worked with Henderson (first in Hamish Macbeth and the second in Trainspotting). The second time he has worked with Ifans (the first in The 51st State) and the fourth time he has worked with Tomlinson (first in Riff-Raff, second in Cracker and third in The 51st State).
  • Dek (Rhys Ifans) drives a car with a vintage Welsh number plate from the late fifties, the letters which read "DEK". It was issued in Haverfordwest, the birthplace of Rhys Ifans.
  • When Dek (Rhys Ifans) finds out that Jimmy (Robert Carlyle), is back in town, he proclaims to Carol: "He's only your foster brother! He could have Hannibal Lecter's DNA for all we know! Rhys Ifans went on to portray Grutas, Hannibal Lecter's nemesis, in Hannibal Rising (2007).

Memorable Quotes

Dek: I'm nothing like Jimmy.
Marlene: Jimmy left. You're leaving. What's the difference?
Dek: I don't want to go.

Charlie: [after an altercation between Jimmy and Dek] Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, there's been a bit of an incident. It appears that someone's been given the correct change by one of the barmaids.

Quotes from Cast & Crew

"I cannae speak highly enough of this guy. I've worked with good directors as you know, but Shane is right up there with them."
- Robert Carlyle

Awards & Nominations

Cannes Film Festival Art Cinema Award as Best Film
Gijón International Film Festival Award as Best Feature Film

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