Black and White

Character: David O’Sullivan
Original Release: October 31, 2002 (Australia)
Directed by: Craig Lahiff
Written by: Louis Nowra
Produced by: Helen Leake, Nik Powell
Running Time: 99 minutes
Box Office: A$177,866 (Australia)

In 1958, an aboriginal man, Max Stuart (David Ngoombujarra), is tried for the alleged murder of a young white girl. A judge gives him the harshest punishment, execution, despite a lack of substantial proof, aside from a confession he signed despite his illiteracy. Several individuals spring up in response to the judge's swift decision. Stuart's defense lawyers (Robert Carlyle, Kerry Fox) fight the ruling, while a young Rupert Murdoch (Ben Mendelsohn) explores the issue in a newspaper.

Cast & Characters

Charles Dance (Roderic Chamberlain), Kerry Fox (Helen Devaney), David Ngoombujarra (Young Max Stuart), Max Stuart (Old Max Stuart), Colin Friels (Father Tom Dixon), Ben Mendelsohn (Rupert Murdoch)

Photo Gallery
  • This film is based on true events.
  • The Director has stated that "Robert was always our first choice for O'Sullivan".

Awards & Nominations

Australian Film Institute Award as Best Actor in a Supporting Role - David Ngoombujarra
Australian Film Institute Award as Best Costume Design
Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards as Best Screenplay

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