The 51st State
Character: Felix Dsouza
Original Release: December 7, 2001 (UK)
Directed by: Ronny Yu
Written by: Stel Pavlou
Produced by: David Pupkewitz, Malcolm Kohll, Andras Hamori, Mark Aldridge
Running Time: 92 minutes
Box Office: $14.4 million (US)

"The 51st State" is the story of Elmo McElroy (Samuel L. Jackson), a streetwise American master chemist, who heads to England to set up his last big deal -- to introduce a new designer drug to the European market. McElroy soon becomes embroiled in a web of double-dealing as he's escorted around Liverpool's underworld and rave scene by rabid local hood Felix De Souza (Robert Carlyle), who hates all things American.

Cast & Characters

Samuel L. Jackson (Elmo McElroy), Emily Mortimer (Dawn "Dakota" Parker), Meat Loaf (the Lizard), Sean Pertwee (Detective Virgil Kane), Ricky Tomlinson (Leopold Durant), Rhys Ifans (Iki), Ade (Omar)

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Filming Dates: September 25, 2000
Filming Locations:
  • Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK
  • Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Manchester, Greater Manchester, England, UK
  • This is the second film Robert Carlyle and Paul Barber have done together. The first was The Full Monty (1997).
  • According to Emily Mortimer, she hated working in this film so much, that she would cry to her mother over the phone.
  • Samuel L. Jackson became a Liverpool FC fan after starring in this film.

Memorable Quotes

Felix: Oh, bollocks!
Elmo: Dog's bollocks?
Felix: No, just plain fucking bollocks!
Elmo: No dog involved?

Felix: [after Elmo arrives to the airport, opening the trunk of the car and there's the dead chemist] Arrgh, What's this?
Frederick: It's Lawrence!
Felix: I see it's Lawrence, but what happened?
Frederick: You told me to take care of him.
Felix: Ah, shit! I meant to take care of him, not fuckin' take care of him!

Felix: I couldn't take America. It's like fuckin' Albania in neon.

Quotes from Cast & Crew

''A lot of names came up, the usual suspects. Gary Oldman was a name they threw at me a lot, but I was always talking about Robert Carlyle. 'When Ronny Yu came on board, he agreed. I'd never met Robert before, so they flew him to LA and we had dinner. He walked up the stairs and we immediately made eye contact and then broke into big smiles so we knew almost then, before we ever spoke, that we were going to get along famously."
- Samuel L. Jackson

Awards & Nominations

Directors Guild of Canada Award as Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Long Form

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