EX-S: Benny Lynch
Original Release: February 16, 2000 (UK)
Distributed by: BBC Scotland
Running Time: 28:38 minutes

Benjamin "Benny" Lynch was a Scottish professional boxer who fought in the flyweight division. He is considered by some to be one of the finest boxers below the lightweight division in his era and has been described as the greatest fighter Scotland ever produced.

Robert Carlyle appears in a short interview and the Benny Lynch movie that was rumored and in talks for many years is mentioned. The documentary was part of BBC Scotland's arts series Ex-S.

Robert and screenwriter Frank Deasy was going to make a movie about Lynch and Robert would star as the boxer himself. This movie never happened unfortunately, you can read more about it here. Robert is also involved with the cause "Benny Lynch Memorial" to raise a statue in memory of Lynch in Glasgow.


Robert Carlyle, Frank Deasy, Barry McGuigan, Sir Norman Wisdom, Russell Hunter, Johnny McManus, Andy Grant, John Burrowes, Paddy Docherty (audio), Barry Hughes, Brian Carr

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