Citizen Len Loach
Original Release: July 2, 1997 (France)
Directed by: Karim Dridi
Written by: Karim Dridi
Produced by: Xavier Carniaux
Running Time: 60 minutes

Karim Dridi is a French director who was curious and inspired by the English director Ken Loach, who is known for making movies in a social realism mater. As part of the French series Cinéma de notre temps (1988-) Dridi decided to make a documentary about Loach. Here he is asked if Loach never thought about making a comedy. He laughs at the question and says that life itself is a comedy. He thinks that those who followed him around during the filming of the documentary are well aware of that fact. And laughs. Ken Loach laughs a lot throughout the entire film, by himself and with his colleagues. Maybe that is a necessity when one deals with such social issues the way he does in such a vivid and lively way.

Loach is a very funny man, and judging from the interviews with his colleagues, also a very sympathetic man. As a director he constantly breaks new ground. Nothing is pre-destined, and that is something his co-workers seem to appreciate. When he chooses actors, he prefers to chose people who can in some way identify with the subject matter of the film and the role they are given. During auditions he lets the actors play a miniature scene containing several of the emotions he wants to show in the film.


Ken Loach, Robert Carlyle, Jim Allen, Paul Laverty, Crissy Rock, Ricky Tomlinson

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