The Lucky Suit
Original Release: 1995
Directed by: Caroline Paterson
Produced by: Robbie Allen, Stuart Davids, Catherine Aitken
Distributed by: Rain Dog Theatre Company, Scottish Film Production Fund, The Scottish Arts Council
Running Time: 21:08 minutes

In the fading light of a city, two homeless men are pulled into the bitter world of ageing comedian, Tommy Yorke. As Tommy tries to end his unfulfilling life, the two wanderers meet a woman lost in a fantasy life devoted to Tommy.

"Who's kidding who, here? We've been given the chance to meet a man, who, like you and me, just ain't wearing it anymore". One night in the lives of four disparate people, whose paths cross when fate introduces them to The Lucky Suit.

Production file held at National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive and this short film is a Rain Dog Theatre Group production, in association with the Scottish Film Production Fund and the Scottish Arts Council.

And it originally screened at the 1995 Edinburgh Film Festival and was filmed in Glasgow, Scotland.

Cast & Characters

Barbara Rafferty (Irene), Ron Donachie (Tommy Yorke), Robert Carlyle (Terry), Gary Lewis (Billy), Michael Marra (Mr. Craig), Paul Hickey (Young Man), Ralph Riach (Lift Attendant), Tommy Flanagan (Leader of the Gang)

With Sharon McKay, Stevie Allen, Salar Zahed, David Hayman, Niki Longmuir, Frances McKay, Stephen McCreadie, Andy Flanagan, Nathan Smith, Gemma the Dog, Mari Erskine, Stephen Cafferty, Bridget Paterson, Claudio Carnovale, Vanya Eadie

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Quotes from Cast & Crew

''That wee film's been to more places than I have. Just about everywhere, in fact, but here. I used to phone the BBC every week to ask when it would be on, but they held on to it until I eventually gave up. I was bitterly disappointed that it wasn't being shown at the time, and I'm so happy that at last people are going to see it.''
- Caroline Paterson

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