The Last Ten Minutes
Character: Christopher Manion
Original Release: August 1995 (UK)
Directed by: Patrick Harkins
Written by: John Hodge
Produced by: Fran Robertson
Running Time: 08:31 minutes

This was director Patrick Harkins first short film and he used a 35mm stock camera to film it.

The film ran in selected cinemas along with the movie Shallow Grave (1994) and the story is about a man that we first get to see in an ambulance on the way to the hospital and the thoughts that passes through his mind and glimpses of what is happening around him.

Cast & Characters

Ian Sexon, Joyce Falconer, Andy Flanagan, Louise Ludgate, Jimmy Kerr, Gus Martin, Lesley McGlynn, Caroline Paterson, Buddie Rennie, Pat Ross, Stuart Davids, Finlay Welsh, Marian Kilpatrick, David Henderson, Sasha Mann, Adrian McGlynn, Victoria Nairn, Elizabeth Rammage, Gerry Rammage, Mary Henderson, Joey Cooper, Craig Smith, Alex Harvey, Iain Harvey, Colin Macreadie, Liana Marletta, Sandy Morton, Bridie Paterson, Barbara Rafferty, Ronnie Simon

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