Character: Albie Kinsella
Original Release: October 10, 1994 (UK)
Directed by: Tim Fywell
Written by: Jimmy McGovern
Distributed by: ITV network
Running Time: 50 minutes

Cracker is a British crime drama series produced by Granada Television for ITV, created and principally written by Jimmy McGovern. Set in Manchester, the series is centred on a criminal psychologist (or "cracker"), Dr Edward "Fitz" Fitzgerald, played by Robbie Coltrane, who works with the Greater Manchester Police to help them solve crimes.

Robert Carlyle appeared in three episodes, "To Be a Somebody" part 1-3 and he stars as Albie Kinsella, an angry working class man who goes down the wrong path. Robert was praised for his acting and made a name for himself and he won and was nominated for awards.

Cast & Characters

Tracy Gillman (Jill), Gemma Phoenix (Ruth), Robbie Coltrane (Fitz), Dave Bond (Factory Supervisor), Martin Pearson (Factory Worker), Badi Uzzaman (Shahid Ali), Kieran O'Brien (Mark), Barbara Flynn (Judith), Christopher Eccleston (Bilborough), Geraldine Somerville (Penhaligon), Lorcan Cranitch (Beck), Shango Baku (Gregson), Wil Johnson (Skelton), Colin Tierney (Harriman), Paul Copley (Pathologist), Kim Vithana (Razia Ali), Elaine Heywood (Mrs Ali), Tony Barton (Builder), Mike Kelly (Peter Lloyd), Marc Seymour (3rd Skinhead), Beth Goddard (Clare Moody), Rebecca Clay (Counter Clerk), John Capps (1st Skinhead), Ken Christiansen (2nd Skinhead), Tess Thomson (Katie), John Pickles (Neighbour), Peter Clifford (Doctor), Rosa Roberts (Householder), Glyn Grain (Professor Nolan), Trisha Hitchcock (Mrs Nolan)

Episode Guide
2x01 - "To Be a Somebody: Part 1" (original airdate: October 10, 1994)
A working class man, distraught at the recent death of his father, impulsively becomes a skinhead and murders a Pakistani shopkeeper over a perceived insult.
2x02 - "To Be a Somebody: Part 2" (original airdate: October 17, 1994)
As Albie continues his merciless killing spree, Fitz is brought in to investigate and realizes that Albie is actually an ordinary citizen gone wrong.
2x03 - "To Be a Somebody: Part 3" (original airdate: October 24, 1994)
Fitz and the police finally catch Albie, only to realize that he has a few explosive tricks in store for them.

Awards & Nominations

BAFTA Scotland Award - Best Actor - TV - Robert Carlyle
CableACE Awards - Supporting Actor in a Movie or Miniseries - For three-part episode "To Be a Somebody" - Robert Carlyle

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