99-1 – “Doing the Business”
Character: Detective Constable Trevor Prescott
Original Release: January 5, 1994 (UK)
Directed by: Charles McDougall
Written by: Terry Johnson, Barbara Cox, Steve Clark-Hall
Produced by: Steve Clark-Hall, Barbara Cox, Archie Tait
Distributed by: ITV network
Running Time: 60 minutes

99-1 is a drama series which originally was broadcast on the ITV network in the United Kingdom. The series was about the former policeman Mick Raynor setting up his own detective agency.

Robert Carlyle starred in the episode “Doing the Business” (episode 1x01) which aired on January 5, 1994.

Cast & Characters

Leslie Grantham (Mick Raynor), Robert Stephens (Commander Oakwood), Gwyneth Strong (Charlotte), Adie Allen (DC Liz Hulley), Niall Buggy (Elbow), Malcolm Storry (Detective Super Travis), Andrew Tiernan (Billy Pink), Oliver Parker (Peter Smithers), John Vine (Andrew Deniston), Nick Hobbs (McGuiness), Ray Burnside (Sergeant), Richard Hahlo (Photographer), Jim Norton (DCI Otterly), Peter McNamara (DC Wallis), Paul Barber (Bobby Fletcher), Colette Brown (Wendy), James Vaughan (First Constable), Sidney Cole (Second Constable), Glyn Grimstead (Third Constable), Richard Cubison (Inspector), Daniel Wellon (Brian), Barbara Keogh (Lady Maud), Barbara Penny (Julia), Simon Fisher-Becker (Colonel), Josh Maguire (Sam Raynor), Edward Tudor-Pole (Vince), Simon Kunz (Constable), Michael Stainton (Jolly), Arthur Kelly (Sup. Stafford), Edward Halsted (Priest), Paul Imbusch (Judge)

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