Venue: Glasgow’s Tron Theatre, Scotland
Production Dates: 1994 & 1995
Directed by: Caroline Paterson
Written by: Rain Dog Theatre Company
Produced by: Rain Dog Theatre Company

After Rain Dog Theatre Company produced the play Ecstasy by Mike Leigh in 1993, were they had taken a little known text and improvised round the themes and situations involved. Several new characters were added and scenes extended. This play was a success and it was that production that convinced the company to take a “leap of faith” and produce an entirely new piece devised and written by the company.

The idea was to produce a piece on prostitution, homelessness, poverty, violence and drug addiction. A large ensemble cast came together for a week rehearsal period and from this Wasted was born. This piece was to dominate Rain Dog’s work for 2 years.

The vision that emerged was of a community of the dispossed and the forgotten, ignored by “society” and forced underground, struggling to survive by any means possible.

It had a sell out run at the Arches Theatre where it provoked a profound and immediate response from audience and critics alike. The use of video imagery, live and pre-recorded and experientation with contemporary influences was attractive to the largely young non-theatre going audience.

Wasted was re-developed and performed again in 1995 to sell out audiences at Glasgow’s Tron Theatre.

Cast & Characters

Robert Carlyle, Tommy Flanagan, Alexander Morton, Joyce Falconer, Paul Hickey, Mandy Matthews, David McGowan, Anne Myatt, Barbara Rafferty, Robert Rodgers, Laurie Ventry

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