P Division – Two Way Cut
Original Release: Summer 1993
Written by: Peter Turnbull
Produced by: BBC 4 Radio

This deftly written procedural realistically captures the life of modern Glasgow and the men who keep law and order there. A young cop on the beat finds a body laid out, with the head hacked off and neatly left on the chest of the torso. No clues to the victim's identity are available, but several peculiar aspects of the crime cause the detectives of Glasgow's P Division to conclude that some sort of ritual murder has occurred.

For one thing, the victim was washed and dressed in new clothes after death and moved to the spot where he was found. Dogged police work reveals that the dead man is Samuel Lurinski, an accountant with a blameless past. The investigation into why and how he was killed leads Detective-Inspector Donoghue and his men to a fashionable nightspot and its rather unsavory owner, a woman dying of AIDS, the city's Chinese community, and a series of arson cases dating back over several years.

The ending takes a satisfyingly unusual turn. Turnbull (The Claws of the Gryphon ) writes realistically and without sentiment about his cops, interesting the reader in their lives without glamorizing them. In the well-filled ranks of procedurals this is a superior specimen.

Cast & Characters

Robert Carlyle, Martin McCardie, Crawford Logan, Jake D'Arcy

Episode Guide
Episode 1 (original airdate: June 10, 1993)
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Peter Turnbull’s Glaswegian cops investigate a corpse discovered on Maryhill Road. Stars Martin McCardie and Crawford Logan.

Episode 2 (original airdate: June 17, 1993)
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A headless body puzzles the Glaswegian cops – there’s not a speck of blood on it. Stars Crawford Logan and Robert Carlyle.

Episode 3 (original airdate: June 24, 1993)
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Police probe an accountant’s killing in Glasgow. Why was Samuel Lurinsky decapitated? Stars Martin McCardie and Jake D’Arcy.

Episode 4 (original airdate: July 1, 1993)
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Glaswegian detective Donoghue closes in on Lurinsky’s killer – but where is he? Stars Crawford Logan and Robert Carlyle.

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