Still Life
Venue: King's Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland
Production Dates: Sometime around 1992
Directed by: Caroline Paterson
Written by: John Byrne
Produced by: Rain Dog Theatre Company

Act One of Still Life is set on the morning of a winter's day in 1967. Act Two is set in a winter's afternoon five years later. In Act One, Hector has just been buried, and Spanky – now a rockstar – and Phil are reminiscing about their time in the Slab Room. Lucille is married to Spanky, and they have one child. In Act Two, Phil's mother has just been buried. Lucille is now married to Phil.

Caroline Paterson's production was notable not only for featuring company co-founders Robert Carlyle and Alexander Morton in the lead roles, but for featuring scenes from the first two plays in flashback sequences, so audiences effectively saw the entire trilogy in one.

Still Life is the third part of John Byrne's Slab Boys trilogy of plays. Robert starred in all three plays, the two first parts produced by Dundee Repertory Theatre Company and the third by Rain Dog Theatre Company.

Cast & Characters

Robert Carlyle, Andy Gray, David Hayman, Gerard Kelly, Alexander Morton, Susan Nisbett, Barbara Rafferty

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