The Bill – “The Better Part of Valour”
Character: Tom Ward
Original Release: March 21, 1991 (UK)
Directed by: David Hayman
Written by: Geoff McQueen, Arthur McKenzie
Produced by: Peter Wolfes, Michael Chapman
Distributed by: ITV network
Running Time: 25 minutes

The Bill is a UK series which is about uniform officers and detectives from Sun Hill police station who enforce law and order on a day to day basis.

A policeman's job is much more than just catching criminals; in order to survive each day they must deal with frustrating members of the public, and often their own colleagues. From petty thieves to violent drug dealers, life is never easy for the members of the Metropolitan Police Force.

Robert Carlyle did a small cameo in this show as a pushy press photographer for the episode “The Better Part of Valour” (episode 7x24) which aired on March 21, 1991 in the UK. The episode is about the aftermath of an audacious ram-raid on a security van on a busy public road, where the robbers made off with an enormous amount of money. CID need to work fast and maybe bend a rule or two to get a result.

Cast & Characters

Peter Ellis (Ch. Supt. Brownlow), Carolyn Pickles (D.C.I. Reid), Christopher Ellison (D.I. Burnside), Tony Scannell (D.S. Roach), Andrew Mackintosh (D.S. Greig), Nula Conwell (W.D.C. Martella), Kevin Lloyd (D.C. Lines), Jon Iles (D.C. Dashwood), Mark Wingett (D.C. Carver), Ben Roberts (Ch. Insp. Conway), Colin Tarrant (Insp. Monroe), Trudie Goodwin (W.P.C. Ackland), Nick Stringer (P.C. Smollett), Graham Cole (P.C. Stamp), Arin Alldridge (P.C. Young), Seeta Indrani (W.P.C. Datta), Andrew Paul (P.C. Quinnan), Jonathan Dow (P.C. Stringer), Leslie Schofield (Chris Harkness), Debbie Killingback (Receptionist), Jill Spurrier (Car Passenger), Richard Beale (Tommy Reeves), Enid Irvin (Mrs. Reeves), Peter MacQueen (Hospital Doctor), Daniel York (Tramp), Alexa Povah (Radio Reporter), Colin R. Campbell (TV Reporter), Ronnie Laughlin (Villain)

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