Character: Steve
Original Release: May 14, 1991 (Cannes Film Festival)
Directed by: Ken Loach
Written by: Bill Jesse
Produced by: Sally Hibbin
Running Time: 95 minutes
Box Office: $295,444 (USA)

The story of Stevie, a construction worker, and his girlfriend (Emer McCourt), an unemployed pop singer, serves to show the living conditions of the British poor class

Cast & Characters

Emer McCourt (Susan), Ricky Tomlinson (Larry), Jimmy Coleman (Shem), George Moss (Mo), Ade Sapara (Fiaman), Derek Young (Desmonde), Peter Mullan (Jake)

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  • The accents of the characters was so heavy that the film provided subtitles, even for British audiences.
  • Robert Carlyle stated it was difficult for him to do this movie because the director, Ken Loach, doesn't give the actors scripts so they don't know what the movie is going to be about.
  • Robert Carlyle stated that he went through about six or seven improvised auditions in order to get this role and it was the longest process he has ever went through to get any role.

Memorable Quotes

Susan: Do you ever get depressed?
Steve: No, depressions are for the middle classes, the rest of us have got an early start in the morning.

Steve: I'm into merchandising myself.
Susan: Really.
Steve: Aye, boxer shorts, colored socks, things like that... that's where I'm heading.

Steve: This laboring, it's only temporary... Laboring, crap, boxer shorts... good.

Awards & Nominations

Cannes Film Festival as FIPRESCI Prize
European Film Award as European Film of the Year
Prix Italia Award as Best Fiction Film
BAFTA Awards Scotland as Best Actor - Robert Carlyle
European Film Award as European Supporting Actor of the Year - Ricky Tomlinson
Goya Award as Best European Film
Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists

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