Taggart – “Hostile Witness”
Character: Gordon Inglis
Original Release: February 22, 1990 (UK)
Directed by: Haldane Duncan
Written by: Glenn Chandler
Produced by: Robert Love, Murray Ferguson
Distributed by: ITV network
Running Time: 130 minutes

Taggart is Scottish crime series about a Maryhill CID who investigates gruesome murders in the city of Glasgow.

Robert Carlyle starred in the the episode "Hostile Witness" (episode 5x03) which aired in February 22, 1990 i Scotland. The episode is about a by-election taking place in Glasgow and one of the candidates represents the Referendum for the Return of Capital Punishment party. When the candidate and her agent are murdered, Taggart is pressed for a quick solution to the crime.

Cast & Characters

Mark McManus (DCI Jim Taggart), James MacPherson (DS Mike Jardine), Neil McKinven (John Greeney), Robert McIntosh (James Little), Carol Holmes (Jeannette Little), Aline Mowat (Lesley Hay), James Carroll Jordan (Sam Paris), Jan Carey (Joanna Gillan), Ian McCulloch (Donald Gillan), Joe Dunlop (George Hay), Harriet Buchan (Jean Taggart), Iain Anders (Supt. Jack McVitie), Robert Robertson (Dr. Stephen Andrews), Campbell Morrison (Willie Jamieson), James Telfer (Kenneth Rose), John Carlin (Paul Cooper), Hugh Martin (Ron Clark), Sean Simpson (Bobby Forbes), Anna Welsh (Doris Lind), Sandra Voe (Dr. Clyde), Eileen McCallum (Mary Walker), Paul Higgins (David Crawford), Duncan Duff (Tom Porter), Joseph Greig (Bill Gemmell), Andy Gray (Cameron Dixon), Cal MacAninch (Heckler), Steven Brown (Callum), John Toye (TV Journalist), Kenneth Lindsay (Desk Sergeant), Bill Denniston (Uniform Sergeant 1), Tom McShane (P.C.), David Heller (Uniform Sergeant 2), John Yule (Harvey Adams), Janette Foggo (Joyce Shand), Jim Landels (Derek Gibson), Patrick Lewsley (Drunk), Ian Sexon (Jehova's Witness), Anne Marie Timoney (Nurse), Lee Ashton (Returning Officer), Ronald Aitken (Hugh Kidson), Sandy Neilson (Doctor)

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