Cuttin’ a Rug
Character: Alan Downie
Venue: Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee, Scotland
Production Dates: February 11, 1988 - March 5, 1988
Directed by: Alan Lyddiard
Written by: John Byrne
Produced by: Dundee Repertory Theatre Company

Cuttin' a Rug is set in Paisley Town Hall, on a Friday evening in 1957. Act One takes place in the ladies' and gents' cloakrooms; Act Two on the terrace overlooking the town. It is The Annual Staff Dance of A. F. Stobo & Co., Carpet Manufactures. During the first act, everyone arrives at the Hall, Lucille and Alan arriving together in his father's top-of-the-range car. Phil and Spanky spent the act drinking, lamenting Phil's job loss. Sadie complains to Miss Walkinshaw about Mr Curry stopping her on the way to the dance, and offering her a job as his cleaner. This highlights the theme of social inequality in the trilogy.

The focus of Act Two is the scene where Hector stabs himself. Hector has had enough of being the butt of all Spanky and Phil's jokes, and is waving a knife around. The lights go out, and there are the sounds of a struggle. When the lights come back on, Hector has knife in him, and he is taken away to hospital. The play, however, on a positive, as Spanky says: "I'm nineteen with a wardrobe full of clothes... I've got everything to live for!"

Cuttin' a Rug is the second part of John Byrne's Slab Boys trilogy of plays. Robert starred in all three plays, the two first parts produced by Dundee Repertory Theatre Company and the third by Rain Dog Theatre Company.

Cast & Characters

Alan Cumming (Phil McCann), Robert Carlyle (Alan Downie), Caroline Paterson (Lucille Bentley), Vincent Friell, Anne Lacey, Forbes Masson, Katy Murphy, Irene Sunters, Graham Valentine, Alec Westwood

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