Rumored Projects
Watch Dogs

It was posted on several sources that Robert Carlyle would do the voice of a character called Stephen Fedder for the video game “Watch Dogs” and in the part “Mission: Pawnee Control Center”. It’s still listed on some sites that Robert did this project but we got it confirmed from the company who made the game that it’s not true.


In 2009 it was announced that Robert Carlyle would star in the medieval film Ironclad (2011) but he dropped out and we are not really sure what the reason was, but it was apparently hard to find financing for the movie so it had to be postponed several times. Other actors that had to drop out was Bob Hoskins, Pete Postlethwaite, Richard Attenborough, William Moseley, Colm Meaney and Angus McFayden.

Kings X

The now deceased director Ken Russell was going to direct this movie in 2007 with Robert Carlyle, Ray Winstone, Kevin Spacey and Emily Lloyd. The screenplay was written by Chris and Peter Cleverly and the story was about Colin Mank, a sharp, smooth talking, up-market low life whose narcissism leads him to record his life on his camera phone for posterity.

He falls for Hattie, an Essex girl property agent whose crooked boss has her doing dodgy deals she’s too naive and self important to question. But when both of them end up cheating on Colin he wants revenge, with interest. Later in 2007 it was reported that Ray Winstone had dropped out from the project and then there has been very little information to find about the film.

True North

Robert Carlyle was originally slated to appear in first-time director Steve Hudson’s bleak 2006 drama True North, he was forced to drop out due to the death of his father and was quickly replaced by actor Peter Mullan. Who happens to be an old friend of Robert’s.

Go Go Tales

Robert Carlyle was interviewed by The Guardian in 2005 and he spoke about the movie Go Go Tales (2007) which was going to be directed by Abel Ferrara. It was set to star Harvey Keitel, an actor which Robert has mentioned that be admires greatly.

It was said that he had been offered a part in the movie but the role was later played by Willem Dafoe.

Farmers on E

Irish director Síofra Campbell were going direct the film Farmers on E and it was information posted about it online and it said it was scheduled to start shooting in 2005. It was going to be her first feature film and Robert Carlyle and Ewan Bremner were both lined up to star.

The Cutting Room

Plans to produce a film version of the novel were at an advanced stage in 2004. The film was set to star Robert Carlyle as Rilke with a screenplay from Andrea Gibb, and was due to be filmed on location in the West End of Glasgow, but the project failed to materialise.

Robert did, however, contribute to an audio book version of the novel in 2008.

The Meat Trade

For many years this movie has been in talks with many big names attached to the project. The Meat Trade is a a thriller about 19th-century Scottish serial killers Burke and Hare set in modern-day Edinburgh, from a script written by Irvine Welsh.

At first, around 1999-2000, Robert Carlyle and Antonia Bird was going to reunite working together again and Bird would direct. Then it’s been reported back and forth on this project and we know Robert has tried to get this movie done for a long time.

In 2004 Mark Cousins, the supposed producer of the film, said: “4Way Pictures was Antonia’s idea and then she collected her colleagues. She collected Bobby Carlyle and she collected me and then Irvine was the last to come on board. The Meat Trade was his [Welsh’s] idea. He wrote it and handed it to Antonia and said: ‘Here’s something for you to direct’. It’s got fantastic characters, a bit like the Joe Pesci character in Goodfellas, men who are both full of menace and threat but rather articulate and understand their place in society. But there’s also Irvine’s social awareness.”

Yet despite the pedigree of those involved, Irving Welsh writing the script and that both Robert, Colin Firth and Samantha Morton was at one point cast as the leads, the film appeared to be no closer to go in to production in 2009.

Robert was interviewed by magazine The Telegraph in 2009 and explained, “We’ve been trying to get this film made for f—— years and it just isn’t happening. People will be surprised to hear that – given all those names attached. But this is the British film industry in microcosm right there – and I’ve had it with it.”

Benny Lynch movie

Robert Carlyle and screenwriter Frank Deasy worked together in Looking After Jo Jo (1998) and while filming the series Robert mentioned to Frank that he would love to be in a movie about Benny Lynch. This made Deasy curious and he started to read about Lynch and his life. They both discuss this in the Benny Lynch Documentary (2003) which was directed by John Mackenzie who also directed Looking After Jo Jo (1998).

The pair, Robert and John Mackenzie planned to work together again on the late Frank Deasy’s script, Benny Lynch, about the Scottish world champion boxer who died of alcoholism and in an article from The Scotsman in 2010 it’s mentioned that Andrea Calderwood, then head of drama at BBC Scotland was quoted saying; “It was a great script but we just couldn’t raise the money to make it. Scottish Screen considered it a throwback to an image of Scotland they didn’t wish to project. But it wasn’t. It was a universal story. It was Raging Bull.”

Antonia Bird was also involved in one stage together with Robert and their company 4Way Pictures back in 1999. Variety reported that they would co-direct this biopic together.

Another detail is that Benny Lynch’s son Robert Lynch, has expressed several times that he wanted Robert to star as his father in the movie.

Apprentices (1988)

Polish site Onet Film posted Robert’s filmography in 2000 and has written, “After graduating from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in 1988, Robert made his debut in the production of the film school “Apprentices“.”

We haven’t found more information about this project but we think a former classmate might have directed the movie. The site that posted about this is known to be a site that posts a lot of gossip so it’s hard to know if this movie really happened or not.

“Kwik Fit” Advert (1988)

Tried to get a part in a “Kwik Fit” dance advert in 1988 but didn’t get it. He spoke about it at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in April 2016 and you can view the final result on Youtube.

“It’s such a tough business to go in to. I remember, there were loads of things I didn’t get – I went for auditions and got rejected. In the first couple of years of my career, I was up for the Kwik Fit Fitter advert. You know the wee dance? I had to stand there in a room and do the Quick Fit Fitter dance, and I didn’t fucking get it. How humiliating is that? It was my lowest point and it was in London as well. I had to come back in the bus to Glasgow thinking ‘I’m quitting, I’m never doing this again’.”

Other rumored parts

He was considered to replace David Tennant in Doctor Who (2005-) around 2009 or 2010.

A movie called Light in the Sky was rumored in 2006, might be a working title for another movie or it’s a movie that never went to production.

Turned down a major role in Flight of the Phoenix (2004).

Was offered a part in the hit series Lost (2004-2010) but he turned it down. The part is believed to have been the one of Desmond Hume and was played by Henry Ian Cusick.

Turned down a role as Major Henry West 28 Days Later… (2002) before taking a role in 28 Weeks Later (2007). The role later went to Christopher Eccleston.

He was originally offered David Thewlis’ role in Divorcing Jack (1998), but he had to drop out when the shoot dates were changed and he became unavailable.

A movie called Tender Blue Eyes (1992) has been listed on Robert’s iMDB page for along time but a fan finally found this movie and we can confirm that Robert has no connection to it at all.