“4Way Pictures” Official Company Description
Originally posted on 4WayPictures.com, which is now offline.

4Way Pictures is a new company which has been established to harness the movie energy of Antonia Bird, Robert Carlyle, and Mark Cousins, and to develop the films which are closest to their hearts. Together and in the coming years they want to make films with the charm of old Hollywood and the integrity of the best of new cinema.

Their projects are not limited to any one genre but share a freshness of approach to quality commercial cinema. Their inital slate ranges from high quality commercial movies to real cutting-edge material.

However, in addition to this core 4Way Pictures work, the founders have wider plans. Where appropriate, each will play other roles in the production of their films. 4Way will also be a company which seeks out and encourages new people and talents. It will act as an umbrella for these people and foster innovative abilities. It will be alive to what is fresh and energetic and inspiring across all media platforms.

Antonia Bird, Robert Carlyle and Mark Cousins are widely connected within the European and American film industries. Their company will reflect this range. As their backgrounds are various – England, Scotland, Ireland, theatre, acting, criticism, television drama and documentary and film history – so their company will not stick only to feature film production. They will mix major fiction with radical documentary work, the pleasures of music films, the best TV and books which express their passion for cinema.

4Way Pictures will come to stand for freshness of vision and boldness of execution.