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BEGBIE IS GAY SAYS CARLYLE; Trainspotting star 'closet homosexual'
April 27, 2009   |   Written by Tim Bugler

Trainspotting star Robert Carlyle thinks the psycho character he played in the film is GAY.

Carlyle says he became convinced hard man Francis Begbie was a closet homosexual after reading a scene in which he has a brush with a transsexual.

And he said Begbie’s random acts of sickening violence were motivated by a “fear of being outed”.

In a Bafta website interview, Carlyle, 47, said: “He picks up the transsexual in the nightclub and there’s the scene in the car where he puts his hands between the trousers and finds out it’s the real deal.

“Now why doesn’t he just kill this person? He kills everybody else, why doesn’t he do that? He gets frightened of it and backs away.”

Begbie, is one of the most terrifying characters ever seen on screen. In the film, he attacks an American tourist, bludgeons an innocent bystander with a pool cue and smashes a glass into a fellow drinker’s face.

Carlyle said Danny Boyle, the film’s director, was keen for him to achieve a “homosexual Ian Rush look”.

So Carlyle grew a moustache like that of the Liverpool striker and chose brightly coloured Pringle jerseys and stay-pressed trousers.

“The next day I turned up and she had pink Pringles and yellow Pringles and I thought, ‘Am I doing the right thing here?’

“On the first day of filming I had pink Pringles and red stay-pressed trousers on and I can remember Danny Boyle looking at me and thinking,’What have you done?’

“But he stuck with it, thank God.”

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